Frequently Asked Questions

The Kneed Footwear® definition of an independent footwear dealer is an established brick and mortar retail location that primarily serves the local community through footwear and related gear.  The retailer is not a corporate chain (but may be a franchise).  They must be independently owned, where decisions are made at the local level, and not dictated remotely.  The primary purpose should be to serve the community in which they live.
The less official litmus test is to walk into your local footwear dealer and ask “may I speak to the owner to express my appreciation?”.  Although you may have to wait for them to get back into the store, the owner should be able to hear it personally.

Kneed Footwear honors our retail partners’ return policies and reimburses them any product costs associated with maintaining your satisfaction.

Yes, Kneed insoles will mold as you wear them, they have a moldable EVA base.

We use medical grade PORON®  in our KNEED2Run insole, PORON® provides the best cushioning for impact absorption and resiliency.

The KNEED2Run insoles can be trimmed to fit, but should generally fit to size.  Keeping in mind, insoles should fit your arch length rather than foot length, but the two are highly correlated.

Over-the-counter insoles and orthotics have been shown to provide relief to injuries including: Plantar Fasciitis, Tibialis Posterior Tendonitis, Metatarsalgia and Morton’s Neuroma.

Only if you want to.  Kneed insoles can be worn to help alleviate injuries or to increase comfort and impact absorption in your footwear.

KNEED2Run was designed to be worn with a running shoe, having said that, you can wear them in any shoe they fit into and it will still provide the same benefits.

KNEED2Run was designed to replace the existing sock liner in your shoes.
KNEED2Be is meant to be worn over an existing sock liner or insole.

Yes, you can move your Kneed insoles from shoe to shoe.