An Insole For Runners

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KNEED2Run is the answer for a flexible, yet supportive insole that fits the top running shoes perfectly. If you are on the run, this is the insole for you.

KNEED2Run is specifically designed to fit inside the most popular modern running shoes. It was designed to fit beyond generic footwear that are worn in a relatively static position. Our Kneed2Run insole was designed for the dynamic movement of running.

The medial arch is supportive and made from a moldable, transitional density EVA that will accommodate slightly for varied arch heights, without losing its shape. The material is also dynamic and flexible so that it allows your feet to flex naturally during your running stride. KNEED2Run provides support without restricting motion.

We use PORON® Performance Cushioning in our KNEED2Run insoles, the cushioning with the best impact absorption and resilience. It’s the material that pedorthists and podiatrists often use when making custom orthotics for professional athletes. The cushioning is provided along the entire length of the insole, so whether you are a forefoot, midfoot, or heel striker, or your terrain changes your strike pattern, you will get optimal impact absorption without losing propulsion.

The thickness of the insole is such that it ideally replaces the sock-liner (those inexpensive insoles that can be removed from inside the shoe) in the majority of running shoes. Kneed won’t make the running shoe too loose or too tight in the toe box.
The narrow heel cup fits perfectly inside running shoes without pushing out on the heel counter, so you don’t experience the heel slippage commonly associated with placing insoles or orthotics inside running shoes. The bowled heel shape disperses pressure from directly under the bottom of the heel, a typical source of pain.

The result is an over-the-counter insole that was specifically designed for running. So whether looking to increase performance, decrease fatigue, or alleviate injury, you can effortlessly replace and upgrade your running shoe sock-liner.



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